Are there any discounts for summer camp?

Multiple Family Plan - $20 discount starting with second child registered, excludes any three day camp.

Multiple Week Camper - $20 discount for registering for more that one week of camp, excludes any three day camp.

Can my son/daughter/grandkid receive mail while at camp?

Yes, we encourage you to send mail to camper, but would love if you would bring it with you at checkin and leave it with us. We will make sure that your camper receives their mail. Need more info click here.

Can I visit camp while my camper is there?

Visits to Indian Lake Christian Camp by parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles etc. is strongly discouraged. We request that campers receive NO phone calls or visits during camp. Such actions disrupt the camp program and promote homesickness among campers. Parents will be notified immediately if any emergency occurs. Visitors must report to the Dean upon arrival at camp. In case of emergency call 443-693-2588.

What should I bring to camp?

Please click on this link for what items to bring.

What are the camp rules?

Click on this link for the camp rules.

What are the camp's refund policy?

There is a $50 nonrefundable registration fee if you cancel more than a week prior to your session of camp. Please contact camp for other refund details. We work really hard to make refunds a win win for camp and the camper! We will happily refund due to illness or injury, prior to the start of your session of camp, but can we transfer the registration to another camp week or program? That's why we would love for you to contact us and we can figure out the details! We are not able to give refunds once your camper's session start.

Can I bring my phone/electronic to camp?

This is a change for 2022, if you are under 18, there is a NO phone/electronics at camp policy. We want campers to connect with each other and their leaders and not their electronics! We have been lenient with this policy in the past, but had a few incidents that have made us change this policy. We know parents want to hear from their kids while they are away! Our partnership with WaldoPhoto is a great way to see your camper's pictures each day! Please know that we will inform you of anything important by email or phone call and we will call if there is an emergency! The problem is that some of our older campers were using their electronics to meet up after light's out and that is not a safe situation for our campers.