Volunteer Positions

Hello Friends! We are so glad you are interested in helping at camp this summer! There are lots of ways to help at camp!

Day and Overnight Camp Helpers - if you wish to help with campers, you will need to click the link below and sign up as a Volunteer helper. All our helpers working with campers will need to complete a background check screening. By filling out the volunteer link, you can let us know what days/weeks you are available to help. Overnight volunteers would be paired with a paid staff person and grouped in a cabin with 10-12 campers. Day Camp helpers would come to camp daily and jump in to help with a cabin group or be assigned an activity station to run. For example, if you were helping with Sports camp as a volunteer, you would sign-up for which days you could help and indicate on the form what sport you would like to teach. Please add any notes in the comments to help us know your schedule!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me, JJ Hill, at 443-693-2588.

Kitchen Helpers - join us for 1 meal, the whole day or a whole week! Just click the link below to the sign-up genius to let us know when you are coming! Need more information, click here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to JJ Hill at 443-693-2588.

Paid Positions

Looking for summer employment? We are hiring for Camp and Kitchen Staff. You would need to commit to at least 6 weeks to be paid staff. Click below to start your most memorable summer job!