Homeschool Days

Tuesdays from 9am-4pm, for ages 5-14.

Homeschooling Days are here for Winter at Indian Lake Christian Camp! The day will start at drop off as we all gather in the outdoor chapel in warm weather or the dining hall in cooler weather. Each day we will have a nature/science lesson, Gym class, Art class, and just play!
Each day will focus on God's Classroom and will revolve around a nature journal. This journal will help your child learn, explore, create and document all that they are learning while at camp. We plan to teach on a different theme for each week and cover activities such as art, music, physical education and some writing. Journals and all materials will be provided.

We offer 8 week sessions that meet on Tuesdays in the Fall, Winter and Spring. Fall 2023 starts September 19th and goes through November 7th. Winter is January 2th through February 20th. Spring is March 5th through April 23rd.

For the best deal, sign-up for Early Bird prices! There are also sibling discounts! You can register for a specific day or all 8 weeks. Each Homeschooling day is $65, but if you register with the Early Bird discount, it is $55 and can combine with the Sibling discount! You can pay in full or choose a monthly payment option.

Fall Session - 8 Weeks September 19 - November 7th

4 weeks survival skills:

  1. orienteering: using compass, maps, GPS
  2. building a fire & outdoor cooking
  3. signaling for help & first aid
  4. building a simple shelter & collecting water

4 weeks fall woodland habitat:

  1. common birds of the Northeast
  2. animal prints and animal signs
  3. trees and their seeds
  4. plant identification: helpful and harmful

Winter Session – 8 Weeks January 2th - February 27th

(no class January 30th, our staff is attending a camp conference)

4 weeks scientific method

  1. steps in the scientific method, guided experiment
  2. manipulating independent variables, recording data
  3. independent (but teacher selected) experiments
  4. student led experiments

4 weeks simple machines

  1. 6 types and uses of simple machines
  2. 3 types of levers and their uses
  3. using simple machines, record results
  4. building simple machines

Spring Session – 8 Weeks March 5th - April 23rd

4 weeks animal classifications

  1. invertebrates: insects and sea creatures 
  2. vertebrates: birds and fish
  3. vertebrates: reptiles and amphibians
  4. vertebrates: mammals

4 weeks lotic ecosystems

  1. compare/contrast different types of freshwater ecosystems
  2. microscopic inhabitants of lotic ecosystems & water quality
  3. field study of stream (Peddler Run) and river (Susquehanna)
  4. compare/contrast different types of lotic ecosystems

Packing list for Homeschool Day (this will change as the weather changes!)

  1. Lunch
  2. Snack
  3. Close-toed shoes
  4. Refillable Water bottle
  5. Weather appropriate clothes (hoodie, rain jackets, etc)

Your camper is provided a clipboard and pencil case with colored pencils, magnifying glass, specimen jar, scissors and ruler.

This is a drop off program, but there is space for parents to hangout on campus if you choose to stay. This would be a great time to work on planning, networking or a Bible study with other parents!