Archery Class

Spring Classes start on Wednesdays, March 13th - May 1, 2024

This fall Indian Lake is offering Beginner and Intermediate Archery Classes. Fall Classes start on Wednesdays, September 11, 2024 and runs 8 weeks until October 30th. These are 50 minute classes. Please arrive on time for classes to start promptly!

Intermediate Archery 1 starts at 1pm

Beginner Archery 1 starts at 2pm

Intermediate 2 starts at 3pm

Beginner Archery 2 starts at 4pm

The overall goal of this class is to allow students to experience archery, learn archery safety, and learn basic concepts of archery.  

Beginner Archery 1

  • Class length: 8 weeks
  • Target audience : ages 5-9, anyone who has never done archery, or anyone who is unsure if they want to do archery.
  • Cost: $80

Beginner Archery 2

This class will follow NASP and JOAD standards in developing archers.  The class will still be structured as an entry level program that is focused on teaching safety and the basic concepts of shooting.  It will be similar to Beginner Archery 1, with the exception that it will be more structured in nature, and teach to a more formal standard.  

  • Class length: 8 weeks
  • Target audience: returning homeschool students who are not ready to advance, ages 5+ who have a noted desire to do archery.
  • Cost: $80 (smaller class size for more shooting time)

Intermediate Archery 1 & 2

This class will follow NASP and JOAD standards and will expand upon Beginner Archery.  Both classes will be the same.  The goal would be to have a smaller class size to allow for more individual coaching and a better classroom to range ratio.

  • Class Length: 8 weeks
  • Target audience: students who have completed Beginner Archery 2, students who have previous experience with a NASP or JOAD program and are verified as meeting the minimum skill requirement.
  • Cost: $90 (smaller class size for more shooting time)

For Private lessons, please email [email protected] to work out dates and timeframes.