Paid Summer Staff

Indian Lake Camp is looking to hire 20-28 summer staff.  They will need to be God loving, adventure seeking, hardworking and willing to stretch their boundaries!  In the past Indian Lake has relied on volunteers to run all the activities and stay in the cabins with campers but now we are hiring summer staff for all camp positions!  If you have a passion to pour into kids, grow as a leader and plant seeds of faith then this job is for you!

Summer schedule plans for 8 weeks of camp and 1 week of training for a total of 9 weeks starting June 10th through August 16th

You will be trained in CPR, facilitation skills, group dynamics, relationship building, Mental Health First Aid, QPR, Archery, and growing your walk with Christ and much more.  

You will receive room and board along with a salary of $3000 for the full summer (9 weeks).  Through fundraising, you have the ability to add an additional $3000 for a total of $6000 for the summer (see Bless the Staff program details below). If you cannot stay the full summer, please let us know the dates and we can work around prorating the salary.  We want to work with your schedule and still keep camp covered, so please tell us your needs as soon as possible! Adult staff is 17 years old and graduated from High School. We can hire a few 16 and over staff to be co-leaders in cabins.

Staff will be responsible for running activities like archery/slingshot, large group, worship, V-Climb, recreation, crafts, social media, crafts, videography etc and be small group/cabin leaders.  Not all staff will run all the stations, but it will depend your preferences, skill set, and camp need as to where you work!  The goal is to train all the staff for as many different roles as possible so that you can be interchangeable and rotate through different roles.  This is an opportunity for you to try new things and build or sharpen some skills.  There will be free time built into your schedule and time off Friday nights and Saturdays.  The goal is that summer staff will be able to rotate as cabin leaders, day camp leaders, large group and activity leaders.

Each cabin group or day camp group will consist of 10-14 campers, with 1-2 CITs (Counselors in Training) and 1-2 adult summer staff.   Each day will be different, but you will have some free time throughout the day depending on the activities or groups you are running.  

On campus housing is provided and weekend meals are included. You are welcome to stay at camp all summer or go home on the weekends. There is laundry facilities on campus for your use.

Bless the Staff Program

Because Indian Lake Christian Camp is a ministry, we try to keep costs low to allow many campers to come and grow in their faith. That ministry focus is a great thing, but it unfortunately also means that summer staff wages are going to be lower than some other summer jobs, and we need to get a bit creative to help meet the financial needs of our dedicated summer staff. That’s where the Bless the Staff (BTS) program comes in, giving summer staff members the opportunity to almost double your weekly salary by fundraising additional support.

Who is eligible to participate in the Bless the Staff program?
All seasonal, salaried staff who complete the staff training week and serve at least 5 weeks with campers during one camp season may supplement their regular compensation (room, board, and salary) through participation in the BTS program.

How do I sign up for the Bless the Staff program?
As long as you are eligible to participate, all you need to do is start fundraising! You may ask friends, relatives, and church family for financial support, much as you would ask for support for a mission trip. Their donations can be made to the BTS program online or by check, and we will issue receipts to the donors for their tax-deductible gifts. We'll also keep track of the donations that are made in your name.

How do I get money from the Bless the Staff program?
When your relatives or friends make a donation to the BTS program, they can list your name as the person they wish to support. 80% of every donation that is designated for you will be added to your final summer camp paycheck, up to a maximum of $300per week worked. The remaining 20% and any surplus donations will be added to the general BTS fund, to be used for expenses associated with the program (about 7% helps cover the cost of payroll taxes on BTS distributions) or to help out other staff members.  Letters, tips and details will be provided to you once you are hired and onboard for the summer.  

Can't commit to the whole summer, but still want to make a difference? Then join our volunteer team and come for a few hours, a day, or a few weeks!