Summer Camps

Our summer camps are all overnight experiences! Ice Breakers are 3 nights with all other camps being 5 nights. Please use the grade your camper will be going into for the 2019-2020 school year.

Ice Breakers I
Avengers: God's End Game
June 30th to July 3
Dean: Carl Hetzer
1st to 3rd Grade

Junior I
The Great Race
4th and 5th
Grade July 7th to 12th
Deans: Joel Armes and Cary Machado

Drama Camp
Knit Together
4th to 8th Grade
July 21st to 26th
Deans: Denise McNew and JJ Hill

Middle/High School Camp
Ready Prayer One
6th to 12th Grade
August 11th to 16th
Deans: Russ Bohart and JJ Hill

Ice Breakers II
The Great Race
2nd and 3rd Grade
July 7th to 10th
Deans: Dawn Willig and Jenny Krichton

Junior II
Fired Up
4th to 8th Grade
August 4th to 9th Grade
Deans: Jennifer Dilliman and Kaila Vogelsong

Beyond Belief
hosted by Slavic Christian Church 1st to 9th Grade July 28- August 2
Dean: Nadya Olyshko

End of Summer Bash
1st to 5th Grade
August 18th to 21st
4th to 5th Grade
August 18th to 23rd
Dean: Carl Hetzer