COVID-19 Update

Latest Update 5/18/2020

May 18, 2020

Dear Camp Families,

Camp is all about building relationships and that means being together without masks, without social distancing, and without barriers. This is what we love most about Camp! It is a place that you can be yourself and make new friends and play the way kids are supposed to play! The Camp Board has really struggled with how to make all those things happen safely this summer in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

After weeks of praying, researching, and listening to experts, we just do not know how to make that happen this summer at camp. We hold our campers’ health and safety as our highest priority and with all the guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting, mask-wearing, etc., we just do not know how to incorporate that into a great camp experience. Our hearts are broken, we will miss the smiles, singing, and happiness that happens all around camp this summer. 

We know this is hard to hear on top of all the other disappointments our kids are facing right now. We are praying that as things open up, you may get a chance to experience camp in other ways as social distancing guidelines are lifted. Please know we are still working to make options available as soon as we can. But for planning purposes, we thought it would be best to cancel all summer overnight camps.

We have not given up hope in finding ways to connect with kids and families, this just gives us direction and focus to pivot and come up with new ways of doing things!

For those that have already registered for this summer, we have 3 options for you.

1. Donate all or part of your registration fee (tax-deductible), to help us continue the mission of operating camp, this includes paying utilities and continued improvements to make camp even better.

2. Rollover your registration for any week of camp next summer at the current 2020 price, this would help us cover licensing costs, inspections, and camp opening fees.

3. Full refund

Please fill out the online form by clicking the button below and choose which option works for you. This process may take 45-60 days, but please know we are working hard to make it happen!

In the meantime, please pray for our campers, we know they need camp now more than ever. Pray for camp that we can meet our financial needs and make improvements to make the camp experience even better in the future. We know GOD has a plan in all of this and we are faithful that He is working all things for good. 

We will miss you dearly until we can see each of you again!

Chris Hill, Camp Board President

Denise McNew, Camp Board Vice President

JJ Hill, Camp Director/Board Secretary

Scott Cantner, Camp Board Member

Russ Bohart, Camp Board Member