Family Retreat Calculation Sheet

Fill in your information below to see how much your Family Retreat will cost.


There is a base fee of $70 per night for the cabin rental (up to 16 people). There is a 2-night minimum stay in the cabins or you will be charged a cleaning fee of $20. If you prefer to stay in a tent, there is a fee of $30 without electricity or $40 with electricity per night. Food costs are calculated per person (under 2 is free). Breakfast $6, Lunch $7, Dinner $8 per person.

For example, a weekend rental fee for staying at camp Friday and Saturday night is $140. Food costs for a family of 4 would be dinner Friday and Saturday night (4x$8×2=$64), lunch Saturday (4x$7=$28), Breakfast Saturday and Sunday (4x$6×2=$48). The weekend total for a family of 4 would be $280 for lodging and food.