Family Refresh Retreat FAQs

What if I need to cancel my reservation, is my deposit refundable?

Your deposit is fully refundable with 7-day advance notice (please email to request a refund)

What if I believe that I might have COVID?

If you believe that you have COVID or have come into contact with someone that has COVID please stay home and get well. We will fully refund your deposit.

Can I have food in my cabin?

We request that you do not bring food into your cabin as this will invite unwelcomed guests with 6 or more legs into the cabin and we try to keep them outside. Each cabin has a picnic table in front of it and you are welcome to leave coolers or bins on the picnic table or porch.

What are your disinfectant procedures?

Each cabin is disinfected before you check-in, the mattresses, bunks, and doorknobs will all be cleaned prior to your arrival. We will be disinfecting the bathhouse and dining hall bathrooms once a day for your safety. The kitchen staff will be wearing gloves and masks while serving and preparing food. We ask for your help in keeping our common areas clean and notify us if anything needs cleaning or fixing. We have hand sanitizer available in the dining hall and at the bathhouse picnic tables at all times.

What are the checkout procedures?

Our camp survives on the help of volunteers, so we would love your help in getting each cabin ready for the next family to visit. There is a bin in each cabin with cleaning supplies. We ask that you use these supplies to clean and disinfect the cabin before you checkout. There is a checklist in the bin to help you. We ask that you sweep the floors and turn off all the lights and air conditioner. Look around and make sure you haven’t left any personal belongings like phone chargers or nightlights. Please take all trash to the dumpster located near the Nurse’s cabin and put a new liner in the trash can. Please refrain from using the supplies in the bin for other uses (it is costly for us and some supplies have been hard to acquire!). We really appreciate all of your help!

Can I bring my dog with me to stay at camp?

At Indian Lake Christian Camp, we love dogs, in fact, our caretaker and cook have a friendly dog named Lilo (as in Lilo and Stitch). You may bring your very friendly and sociable dog with you, but we require an additional $100 deposit (which is refundable as long as no damage has occurred to the camp facilities) and an extra $25 for the stay at camp. All dog waste must be picked up (it’s no fun to step in it!). Dogs are required to be on a leash at all times. Please do not allow your dog to go into our new Gaga pit. We need a copy of your dog’s current rabies vaccination 3 days prior to your arrival. Please email a copy or photo to Also, add to your packing list: leash, food and water bowls, dog food, and waste disposal bags.

Can I borrow a book or game from the Rec Cabin?

Yes! We would love for you to use the Rec Cabin during your stay at camp! There is air hockey and ping pong tables in there for your use! If you use the paddles, please use hand sanitizer before and after use. If you borrow a game or book, please place it in the bin beside the door and we will sanitize it prior to returning it to the shelves. Thanks so for helping us keep camp clean and you safe!